Mkeka processes


Mkeka Processes

Mkeka removes 98% pollutants from your carpet by computerized deep cleaning machines in a single day using the following stages:
STEP 1: The rug/carpet is evaluated for cleaning needs - analyzing the fibres and thickness of the pile to determine the level of cleaning required.

STEP 2: Removing dust with the computerized dust removing machine. This ensures that there is no transfer of any particles during the cleaning process. The carpet is then taken through a computer-controlled washing system that automatically adjusts to the carpet’s thickness and pile. Precise pressure is applied by soft, circular brushes across the entire width of the rug that cleans simultaneously and at the same time rinsing to minimize excessive exposure to water.

STEP 3: The carpet is taken to a wringer that removes 95% of the water in a few minutes, minimizing further water exposure while protecting fibres. The remaining 5% moisture is removed in an engineered drying room which also protects the carpet from growing mould. In this controlled environment, low humidity wicks out the remaining moisture quickly and efficiently.
STEP 4: The carpet is re-checked after cleaning and drying to ensure that no stains were left out during cleaning. Fringe is also inspected for cleanliness. The carpet is then packed for collection or delivery to the owner. Periodic cleaning of your carpet protects the health of your family; it enhances hygiene of your home/office/accommodation facility, and ensures longevity of the rug.

The Result?

Mkeka picks and delivers your carpet right at your door step. It can be a one day service depending on the time we pick it. What more:
  • 95% free from all forms of pollutants
  • Free from road dusts and car fumes
  • NOT discolored by harsh sun light
  • Soft and supple as a result of mild and environmentally friendly shampoos & softeners

Facts about Carpets

While every homeowner wishes to own a carpet either for aesthetic value or comfort, the highest percentage of this population is unaware of the health hazards posed by improperly cleaned rugs/carpets to children and other home or office users. The traditional way of cleaning carpets ranges from use of chemicals for spotting, hand scrubbing, use of vacuum cleaners, and blasting out dirt using high pressure water jets. The carpet is then subjected to days-long drying time, exposing it to harsh direct sun which inevitably scotches its color. In addition this, carpet is exposed to more dust ... Read more