The traditional way of cleaning carpets ranges from:
The use of powder chemicals, carpet shampoo or other detergents either by
  • hand scrubbing at home
  • use of vacuum cleaners either at home or use of commercial cleaners
  • Blasting out dirt using high pressure water jets.
With these methods and if the weather is not conducive, the carpet is subjected to days-long drying time, exposing it to the very dust, dirt and other pollutants you are trying to remove. You need to be more worried with where your carpet is being washed and how is it is dried and stored before you pick it up.
While it is very essential to keep dust at bay by vacuum cleaning your area rug/carpet regularly, you will at some point require your carpet/ area rug to be truly cleaned deeply to remove all these pollutants. Deep cleaning should be handled by a professional rug cleaner that specializes in professional cleaning and this is where Mkeka comes in.