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SuperCleaning Technology Limited was incorporated to provide cleaning services using the latest technologies. Mkeka is our flagship project, introducing for the first time in Kenya, professional carpet laundry, using the best of the latest Cleanvac Cleaning Technologies from Europe.

Mkeka technology works with computerized processes that are gentle and effective for all type area rugs, commonly known as carpets in the Kenyan market. Areas rugs/carpets are now a common feature of most Kenyan homes. Paradoxically, the area rug/carpet care services are limited. It is not possible to find professional carpet laundries as easily as you would find garments/apparel laundries.

Who Benefits from Mkeka Services?

Mkeka is partnering with our European manufactures, Cleanvac Cleaning Technologies, to offer 100% deep cleaning area rug/carpet cleaning solutions to homeowners, office premises, hospitality and other establishments. The technology uses the mildest shampoos and conditioners; clean water and custom designed and gentle computer controlled machinery that ensure area rugs/carpets are deeply cleaned and gently handled.


From ksh.550/=
per square meter
special rates for institutions with bulk cleaning